Hello, Jerry
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Who, what, where, how and why.


Who the @#$! is Jerry?

Established in 2010, Hello, Jerry is an enthusiastic independent production company based in Melbourne, Australia. We are recognised, credentialed producers and format developers. At Hello, Jerry we are not adverse to the notion of challenging the way things are normally done. We're driven by the creative process and being around cheerful people. We love nothing more than being part of the chorus that says, "We can do that!" . We're known for being nimble and doing the hustle when we need to hustle.

Hello, Jerry was founded by David Wilson. As a producer and show-runner with over 30-years of experience with his work recognised internationally, David has helmed late night network talk shows, lifestyle series, live to air special events and social documentaries. David is also the founder and CEO of Watercooler Talent, a leading talent management firm in Melbourne, representing an eclectic roster of clients in the Australian media and entertainment industries.

We used to be called Watercooler Media for our first five years, but in a late night epiphany we decided Hello, Jerry had a better sound to it, so we changed the name!

Hello, Jerry is a a proud member of Screen Producers Australia.