Hello, Jerry
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Can of Worms

Ligth Entertainment TV Format


"Three celebrity guests must answer curly moral questions in the talk show that will make you laugh out loud and challenge your own moral compass."

Genre: Light entertainment

Series: 46 x 60 minutes

Year: 2011 - 2013

Creator: Hello, Jerry

Producer: Hello, Jerry & Cordel Jigsaw Zapruder

Network: Network Ten (Australia)

Each week three celebrities guests tackle some of life’s curliest moral questions whilst only being allowed to answer yes or no and with absolutely no fence sitting.

These questions are not about politics or current affairs, they are about the things we wrestle with everyday; relationships, parenting dilemmas, workplace ethics, personal values and humankind’s never-ending capacity to make life complicated.

Filmed live before a studio audience, Can of Worms uses national polling and social media to gauge the nation’s positions on tricky questions like; Is it okay to spy on your kids online? Should you have to speak English? Is it wrong to tell a fat person to lose weight? Does telling a racist joke make you racist? If your child is being bullied, do you tell them to fight back? Is it every okay for kids to see their parents naked?

Frank and revealing, a little naughty but oh-so-much fun, Can of Worms is a journey into the hearts and souls of our celebrity guests and entering territory that no other celebrity TV shows can reach. Can of Worms asks questions that real people ask each other, questions that are almost too uncomfortable for most TV shows. It’s the panel show that will get everyone talking. 

With three Australian series under it’s belt , Can of Worms attracted many notable local guests as well as international guests like Rebel Wilson, Chris Isaak, Ross Noble and Megan Gale. 

Can of Worms was also piloted in France in 2013 for W9 Channel by Newen Content.