Hello, Jerry

Chyka Home - Synopsis

Discover creative and inspiring ways to make your home and life more beautiful and practical.

Genre: Lifestyle

Year: 2017

Creator & Producer: Hello, Jerry

Network: In development

The Real Housewives of Melbourne star Chyka Keebaugh is ready to bring fresh and contemporary tips and advice that will help make your home more elegant, comfortable, organised and full of love.

As Editor-in-Chief of popular online home and lifestyle magazine Chyka.com, Chyka’s loyal fans already follow her weekly offer of homemaking tips and demonstrations for a modern, busy life. Now Chyka is ready to take it to the next level with a brand new TV & online lifestyle series, Chyka Home.

Chyka Home is all about beautiful modern homemaking and entertaining. The series will showcase practical, creative ideas for everyday use. Whether it be decorating, entertaining, crafts and DIY, decluttering, cleaning, gardening and recipes - you will find them all on Chyka Home. This will be the most beautiful and useful how-to series you will ever see, and every practical demonstration will be stylish, desirable, cost effective and easy to follow. 

Chyka has collected a bagful of Chyka Home magic over a lifetime of training in the UK, travelling around the world and growing herbusiness group into Australia’s largest privately owned events and catering company.