Hello, Jerry
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Private Session

Factual TV Format - In Development


"Well known public figures sit down with a psychologist for intimate conversations about the complexities of being human."

Genre: Factual

Year: 2017

Creator & Producer: Hello, Jerry

Private Session provides a unique and powerful opportunity to go behind the closed door of a one-on-one psychological consultation and witness what unfolds between a professional psychologist and a client. The series will demystify and maybe even de-stigmatise this process and provide insight into the relationship between a client and a psychologist. 

Sitting down on our couch will be some of the most recognisable faces from the worlds of entertainment, sport, politics, business and public life. They will be in private session with an accomplished practicising psychologist.

Using various psychotherapeutic techniques, these revealing conversations may include exploring childhood experiences, adolescent traumas, significant events in their adult lives and everyday issues we all relate to. The psychologist will explore how these experiences have shaped them into the person they are today and will guide them through the conversation whilst providing insightful analysis, objectivity and, where appropriate, offer tools they can use in their life to combat any ongoing issues.

The conversations will form an engrossing TV series filled with rollercoaster moments and varying degrees of light and shade. We’ll witness fragility and vulnerability and also humour and hope as we deftly peel back the layers of our guests’s life stories with techniques and insight into the human condition that only a trained professional can perform. Each session will be cathartic for our guests and enlightening for the home viewer.