Hello, Jerry
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Young Picassos

Light Entertainment TV Format - In Development


"A feel good family entertainment format that shines the light on amazing young talent and inspring local hereos."

Genre: Light Entertainment

Producer/Creator: Hello, Jerry

Young Picassos is a weekly 1-hour family light entertainment format where four talented young portrait artists between the ages of 5-18 will paint four amazing portraits in just three hours. 

There’s no judges and no competition here; this is uplifting, positive television where each artist has their moment to shine.

Over a 13 episode series we will showcase 52 Young Picassos - 4 each week. They’re all school-age children who excel at painting and drawing and they will come from metro and regional areas and represent diverse ethnic, social and economic backgrounds.

Sitting in front of our Young Picassos each week will be four very special and inspiring Australians. Our sitters - as they’re called - will be local heroes who work for the greater good and positive change within their communities. They’re charity founders, community group leaders, courageous first responders, medics and advocates for important causes. Their stories will inspire us all and on this program they will be given the national recognition that they may not otherwise receive.

Our series host and mentor is comedian and artist Peter Berner, whose previous host credits include Backberner and The Einstein Factor (ABC TV) and The B Team with Peter Berner (SKY News Live). A graduate of the National Art School who has exhibited his art across the world, Peter is passionate about art and nurturing young talent.

Peter will support and encourage our Young Picassos - offering them tips, objectivity and empathy for the challenge they’ve been set. He’ll guide the viewer through the process of portrait painting and tap into the stories of our sitters.

Young Picassos is a series for the whole family that will enlighten, inspire and entertain by providing a platform for the diversity of these remarkable young artists and sharing the stories of the nation’s most deserving community heroes and role models.